About Us

Some of you may be familiar with our group, while others may be wondering who the heck we are. We are Stephen and Rebecca, the stewards of Element Society. Element Society is an Element enthusiast group based out of Southern California. You may have seen our logo or decal on a few Elements throughout the years.

Established in 2018, our group started in an Anaheim, CA parking lot as an Element meet, and has since expanded into camping events, cruises, trail runs, cleanup events, and caravans to other meets across the country! We’ll be posting our future events on Facebook and Instagram as usual, and now also on EOC in the E Clubs & Gatherings section (usually in California). We hope to get the chance to meet some of you on here in person!

Our main goal is to create and maintain a community of Honda Element owners by hosting events throughout the year, offering information and repair advice, as well as offering merchandise for the Element Society!